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people pleasuring

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I live for texts like this. 
Even though I’m being pouty right now it still put a smile on my face.
(This is meant in a sexual way, for dumb people.)
Anonymous: I wasn't the anon but I have personal experience with getting high and having sex. It makes everything feel so intense! Which is good for me bc I have trouble reaching orgasm and it eases me a little from anxiety and stuff. Recommend 10/10

And thank you very much too! I appreciate the feedback. It seems like based on your and the other anon’s responses, that getting high can help women achieve orgasm a little easier. 

Anonymous: Hi again. Yes, I will definitely do it again some time! The whole thing was just so intense. However, it was a little difficult for me to get wet - he had to go down on me first. Normally, getting wet is not a problem at all but when high, you know, your mouth gets extremely dry - and apparently, so does your pussy.

Thank you anon! I appreciate the information, this will all be helpful if and when we have sex while high. I’ll know to have some lube nearby, just in case. Much appreciated!

To the anonymous who just sent us a message, could you answer a few questions for me? My girlfriend and I want to have sex while high and it sounds like you had a great experience. My question to you is, do you normally have difficulty getting to orgasm or can you achieve it pretty easily? Did getting high make it easier to orgasm or just more intense? Would you do it again?

Thank you!

Anonymous: Okay, I need to share this story: Yesterday my boyfriend got me high. He didn't want to himself, but I did. Anyway, he started dirty talking like a fucking champ and suddenly, I was sucking his cock and begging him to fuck me right there on the couch. I felt completely at ease - the orgasm was greater than anything I've ever tried.

this is so important, i’m happy for you baby xoxoxoxoxo